Coronado cabinet refacing with Boyars is an efficient and sustainable option for homeowners who want to have the look of a remodeled kitchen without the associated expenses. Many of our clients find that they can enjoy some recreational time with relatives while the refacing work is being done. This may include taking the family to the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Windansea Beach or Little Italy. We work efficiently, and our affordable rates might inspire you to take some time off during the installation and enjoy some of these local attractions.

Coronado Cabinet Refacing Services

New kitchen cabinets can cost up to twice the amount of a refaced cabinet job. Refacing is an intelligent option that creates a new, polished appearance for your kitchen. During the installation process, old surfaces, moldings, drawers and counter-tops are subjected to removal, but the exact items depend on the scope of your project. Every underlying structure is carefully protected to ensure safety during every phase of the refacing job.

Scope of Project, Completion Timeline

The entire process can be completed within a week, but the exact length of the project does depend on the complexity of the work. We understand how some customers are concerned about extra items like sales tax, installation charges, demolition and cleanup work. However, for the convenience of our valued clients, we include all of these items in the final price.

Refacing Upgrades, Market Preparation

Coronado kitchen cabinets make up an important section of every kitchen. The entire room will be affected by the condition of the cabinets. This single item can brighten up the entire atmosphere of the room that serves as the hub of the entire home. It is also a major selling point if the home ever goes on the market. This is an inexpensive way to boost the interior appeal of the house when showing it off to prospective buyers.

Eco-Friendly Refacing Projects

Many clients are surprised to learn that refacing is an ecologically friendly option compared to buying new cabinets for your San Diego kitchen. The refacing process includes the installation of recycled parts for the kitchen to minimize the environmental impact. This includes hinges, moldings, drawer fronts, doors and external surfaces. Enjoy the benefits of an affordable and environmentally friendly way to make your kitchen get a complete makeover.

Our Company

Our family-owned company has been in business serving the residents and homeowners of San Diego since 1974. Coronado cabinet refacing projects are a cost-effective method for giving your San Diego kitchen a complete overhaul at a fraction of the price. In the home-improvement industry, this is viewed as a permanent technique that will increase both aesthetic and functional elements of the kitchen. Our San Diego kitchen designer interacts with each client to ensure that the final results exceed your expectations. References are available upon request, and we look forward to serving all of your kitchen cabinet refacing needs in San Diego.