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5 Reasons to Reface your Kitchen Cabinets

A well-loved kitchen provides the perfect place for family and friends to gather while delightful aromas fill the air. Its familiar spaces invite everyone to relax and enjoy conversation over a cup of coffee early or late. Over time, though, you start to notice that your cabinets have lost some of their luster. Restoring them to the look that you once loved may not cost as much as you think. These 5 Reasons to Reface your Kitchen Cabinets may help you decide.

1. Transform the Appearance of Your Kitchen.

You may find that some new veneer and exteriors on your cabinets can make your kitchen look like the photos that you see in magazines. We offer surface material in a range of styles that can brighten a room dramatically. Refaced cabinets can restore the beauty that you once had in one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. For all the joy that it provides, your kitchen deserves a refreshing upgrade.

2. Keep Your Perfectly Good Cabinets.

The surface of your cabinets may need an improved and updated appearance, but the frame still has many years of service to give. Just as you probably do not throw away anything that you can still use, the same philosophy applies to your cabinets. Unless they have structural damage, you can continue to use them. New doors, drawers, fronts, moldings, hardware and accessories in a surface of your choice can make them look new again.

3. Choose a Price That Fits Your Budget.

The cost to Reface your Kitchen Cabinets amounts to about two thirds to half the price to replace them with new custom cabinets.Our selection of materials offer the distinctive décor that you want, and we offer many choices that suit your style and preferences.

4. Protect the Planet.

Your choice to reface your kitchen cabinets benefits the planet in two ways. By using the existing cabinet boxes, you prevent the need for suppliers to cut trees to build new ones. You keep unnecessary waste out of the landfills and contribute to the eco-friendly behavior that benefits everyone.

5. Save Time and Avoid Disruption.

The replacement of kitchen cabinets requires a considerable investment of money, and you lose access to one of the areas that you use most. We need only a few days to reface your cabinets and get out of your way. With the improvements that transform your kitchen, you can invite guests to see the miracle you have accomplished. You can also keep your existing countertops that results in thousands of dollars in savings.

We can give you 5 Reasons to Reface your Kitchen Cabinets, but the best one may come from you. As you care for your family and live within the constraints of your budget, you deserve beautiful kitchen cabinets. You can improve the value of your home with an upgrade to your kitchen for a future sale. Until that day comes, you can share a place of beauty with your family and friends.