When the cost of replacing cabinets is too expensive for your budget, Santee cabinet refacing may be the right solution. There are several benefits of refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them completely.

Advantages of Cabinet Refacing

In comparison with new cabinet installation, the biggest benefit is that refacing may save you between 30% and 50%. When you look for new Santee kitchen cabinets, your budget may limit you to finishes and choices that do not appeal to you. Refacing comes with a wider variety of finishes and colors for different styles of cabinets. If you are one of the many conscientious Californians who is doing your part to fight environmental waste, you will be glad to know that refacing reduces waste.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Refacing involves removal of your cabinet and drawer faces. The frames are left in place. The door and drawer faces are prepared as necessary to receive veneers. The veneers for refacing come in a variety of styles, which you can select ahead of time.

What to Expect During Cabinet Refacing

When customers tell us that they are looking for Santee kitchen cabinets, we see if refacing is an option first. As long as your frames are in good shape and can support cabinet doors, refacing is usually feasible. If the frames are damaged beyond repair, you may need entirely new cabinets. When we are hired to handle a cabinet refacing project, we start by helping you find the right veneers. Our technicians come to your home, remove the cabinet doors, take several preparatory steps, apply the veneers, reinstall the drawer and door faces and clean the area.

We realize that the process is noisy and may disturb you. Although we work as efficiently as possible and try to complete projects within a couple days, some customers prefer to take a family day away while we work. These are some local attractions:

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  • Santee Lakes is a nice place to enjoy beautiful scenery and outdoor activities.
  • Take the kids to Uptown Jungle Fun Park to enjoy indoor activities.

How to Arrange Cabinet Refacing in Santee

If you think that refacing may be right for you, the Boyar’s Kitchen Cabinets team members are here to help. Please call us today for a free Santee cabinet refacing estimate.