Is Cabinet Refacing Right for You?

New cabinets can give your kitchen an entirely different look. If you are looking for cabinets in Lakeside on a limited budget, one option that you may not have considered is refacing. With refacing, veneers or panels are put on the existing frames. We offer affordable Lakeside cabinet refacing. 

If you like the luxurious look of mahogany or another finish that you cannot afford with entirely new cabinets, cut the estimated cost in half. If you can afford that trimmed cost, cabinet refacing may be right for you. Since refacing does not involve pulling out the frames and using a lot of new pieces, you save money on both labor and supplies.

Also, refacing may give you more aesthetic choices with any budget. You may find finishes that you may not find when you shop with a cabinet retailer. Whether you want to add trim or change the grain of the wood, there are plenty of options available.

Refacing may also be right for you if you have limited time to complete your project. While total cabinet replacement can take several days or a week, some refacing projects take as little as a few days. 

If you are concerned about the environment, cabinet refacing may sound better to you. With refacing, there is not as much waste. Some materials may be recycled. However, we are conscientious about which materials we use and what we do with old materials.

The biggest benefit is the fresh look that you get in your kitchen. If looking at outdated or unattractive cabinet doors brings you down, refacing may be the simplest and smartest solution for you. We are here to help you find the right style of Lakeside kitchen cabinets.

What Is Involved in Lakeside Cabinet Refacing?

Although there are several small steps in each major part of the process, refacing involves these components:

  • Removal of existing doors and drawers.
  • Replacement of veneers on drawers and doors.
  • Application of matching laminate or skin on cabinet sides.

If necessary, new hinges, handles or knobs may be added. If your cabinet frames are in good shape, it is likely that refacing will work well. However, cabinet frames that are warped or severely damaged may need to be replaced.

Are Your Cabinets Ready for a New Look?

Since most people prefer not to hear the noisy process of cabinet refacing, you can use the day to take your family on an outing. These are some fun family day suggestions in Lakeside:

  • Go hiking or fishing at Lake Jennings.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking view from Potato Chip Rock.
  • Visit the zoo, gardens or museums at Balboa Park.

When you are ready to start comparing designs, prices and remodeling options, we are here to help. Please call us for a free estimate, and our prompt professionals will even come to your home.