Meet Melissa & Christopher Perez

Boyars has been serving San Diego since 1974. The current owners  were employees of the company for 20 years.  They purchased the company when the previous owner retired. They were already managing all operations for several years and Melissa was already (and still is) the licensee for the business. They are both native San Diegans, as well as their 3 children (ages 9, 13 and 22). They live in Stonebridge of Scripps Ranch. 

Chris and Melissa both started off from entry level positions. Melissa started as a receptionist and Chris started off building drawers in the shop. They both worked from the ground up through every position in the company. Melissa went from receptionist, to project coordinating to accounting to sales to management. Chris went from shop helper, to cabinet builder, to stainer/finisher to installer to management. They have taken courses in kitchen design but are mostly self-taught from hands on experience from the last 25 years. Prior to Boyar’s they both worked for a local closet company for 5 years (which is where they originally met 23 years ago). 

Boyars is a custom cabinet company that specializes in refacing. They can build custom any cabinetry but 95% of their business comes from refacing. Since Melissa and Chris started off in closets, they have expertise in organizers, custom cabinets and refacing. They worked hard to bring the company to what it is now, so when the owner retired it only made sense that they would buy the business. 

Boyars locally owned San Diego business. Not a franchise. Not a LA company driving down to San Diego. The true definition of a LOCAL, FAMILY-OWNED business. 

Top Notch Employees

When Melissa and Chris first started with Boyar’s 20 years ago, there were only a handful of employees (they now have 25).  The longevity of their employees is what makes Boyar’s unique, that and their skill level is above their competitors. Most of their employees have all been with the company for  15-20 years also. Their installers are all true craftsmen.

Some refacing companies are focused on how quickly it can be done rather than the quality behind it. The homes in your community are anything but basic and require a certain skill level and true expertise to work around the unique characteristics.  Their experts are here to guide potential clients to what can and cannot be done in their kitchens.

While other home improvement companies sales-driven industry and focused on hiring salespeople. Melissa and Chris’s employees put their focus on the relationship with their clients. Their repeat business and the referrals show the true relationships their designers develop with their clients. When they are referred, many times their employees are asked for by name. One thing that is consistent in any review, is always the quality and it exceeding their expectations. Boyar’s is anything but BASIC refacers.

Shopping Local Means Better, Faster Service

Shop local. Shop experience. When you shop from a business that does not have a local factory, it makes things that much more difficult should they need a service call or assistance. Boyars fabricates all their own cabinets and stain and paint their own products with the most environmentally-friendly products available. Most finishes are solvent free and arrive to the clients home completed. No staining and painting done inside the clients home, unnecessarily exposing them to harmful odors and VOC’s. It also allows us to manage the quality directly. If and when things arise at an installation, it allows them to respond quickly since they are local.

Lifetime Warranty

Boyar’s offers a true, lifetime warranty on their refacing. Hardware, installation and moving parts are all guaranteed for as long as they own the home. All you have to do is call them, and they set a service for someone to come out. It’s the best in the business. 

Boyar’s Owners Care About Their Customers

Most importantly, they actually care. They are VERY involved on the day to day operations. They care about the customers. They care about their employees and they care about the community. They try to support other local small businesses when they can. And they are always just a phone call away. At the end of the day, they have a get it done attitude and truly believe their quality and how much they care about the actual job they do is literally what makes them so successful.