Add Value to Your Home with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

La Jolla is an upscale community in the San Diego area. Located north of the downtown, La Jolla is known for its idyllic beachfront, quaint community and some of the best beaches in the world . While outdoor living is prime in La Jolla, it is still important to keep your house updated. That is why you should remember to invest Boyar’s Cabinets when you need to update your La Jolla kitchen cabinets. To save money on your upgrades, cabinet refacing might be the best way to go.

Increasing Your Property Value

People buy property in La Jolla because of the beach. That does not mean that your La Jolla home has no value inside. To the contrary, with the right investments, you can build up tons of value in your home. One of the best places to start is the kitchen. Kitchens are primed for dramatic overhauls, but many people are wary to start such work due to the cost. One way to get the look you want without making a huge investment is cabinet refacing.

How Cabinet Refacing Works

Cabinet refacing is a cheaper way to update your kitchen. Instead of replacing the entire cabinet, refacing simply gives the visible portion a facelift. The exterior surface may be resurfaced, and the doors, drawer fronts, hardware and hinges are all replaced. This significantly reduces the overall cost, but the look is not compromised. In fact, your kitchen can look entirely new with this approach. To choose refacing, make sure that you are satisfied with your kitchen’s layout. Refacing will not change the way your kitchen flows, but it can dramatically improve its look.

Your Choice for La Jolla Cabinet Refacing

If you are thinking about updating your kitchen in La Jolla, talk to the experts at Boyar’s Kitchen Cabinets. Boyar’s Kitchen Cabinets is located in San Diego and provides service to La Jolla, Coronado and beyond. At Boyar’s, we can assess your kitchen to determine the best way to change its look. Our services include refacing and remodeling. To help you make the best choice, we can come to your home for a personalized assessment. Estimates are provided for free.

Beach Living in La Jolla

La Jolla features some of the best beaches in San Diego. Residents love the casual vibe of life in La Jolla with plenty of options for recreation. Visitors come from all over to experience the joys of what La Jolla has to offer. Just consider these popular things to do.

  • Children’s Pool
  • La Jolla Cove
  • Birch Aquarium at Scripps
  • Shores Park
  • Torrey Pines

Update Your Kitchen Today

Do not neglect your La Jolla or Coronado kitchen cabinets any longer. With Boyar’s Kitchen Cabinets, we can reface your existing La Jolla kitchen cabinets for a new look on a budget. Contact our team today to learn more about your options.