The benefit of kitchen renewal does not always have to come at the great cost and timely disadvantage of a remodel. For homeowners and residents of San Diego, Escondido cabinet refacing is the answer. A kitchen cabinet designer from Boyar’s Cabinets makes a visit to your home with samples and a free estimate to show you how easy it is to achieve and just how quickly the whole project is accomplished. It is the fastest and most efficient way to add value to your home while giving you a whole new experience in the most popular room in the house. 

Preserve and Renew Your Own Escondido Living Space

Why shouldn’t you enjoy the same appreciation from rejuvenating the kitchen in your San Diego home? There are many choices available to you for your new surface material to customize your doors and drawer fronts as well as your choice of accessories. For a fraction of the price of a remodel, experience the revitalization that gives you beautifully updated cabinets without needing to have anything demolished.

Your San Diego home can easily take on a whole new look while preserving perfectly good cabinets and drawers. Boyar’s refacing includes:

  • Installing new doors and drawer fronts
  • Covering the outside surfaces in new materials
  • Installing new European “soft-close” hinges
  • Installing all-new moldings

With Escondido Cabinet Refacing You Are Going Green

Boyar’s cabinet refacing is also an eco-friendly, green alternative to a complete remodel. Fewer trees are affected when we use your existing Escondido kitchen cabinets. In a way, you can think of refacing as a means of recycling your existing cabinets without any sacrifice. You end up with a revitalized kitchen as an affordable and efficient alternative that will also leave you feeling very good about reducing your carbon footprint. 

Experts in the Field Doing it All for You

For more than 40 years Boyar’s Kitchen Cabinet expert installers have been delivering San Diego homeowners only the highest quality service and performance. In as few as three to five days, you can have outstanding results, too. When you experience the reveal, you will be convinced it should have cost much more than what you save in refacing over remodeling.

Escondido Has Many Treasures to Explore

New is not always better. At Boyar’s, we believe this in our own work of refacing Escondido kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts. It is much the same in the Old Escondido Historic District. A tour of this area is a showcase of tiny Crafstman bungalows and vintage Victorian houses. Many of these historic homes either have gone or are undergoing restoration. The sense of renewal is awesome when you see it completed. Preserving original structures and designs is as much a part of history as it is a significant method of renewal.

Get in Touch with Escondido’s Origins at Grape Day Park

The Escondido History Center located at Grape Day Park where a former Santa Fe Railroad Depot still stands is a walk through history for anyone who has a passion for the origins of the city’s ties to the famous Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. This is but one of the treasures of Escondido, also known as the City of Hidden Treasure. 

Enjoy Escondido’s Local Heritage

While development and agriculture have consumed much of the original villages and campsites that originally ran through the city known as Escondido in Diegueño, the San Dieguito River Park continues to work to preserve the natural open spaces of the San Dieguito River Valley. There are plans there to link the trails and paths that go from Del Mar to the Volcan Mountain. The Park is dedicated to the preservation of Escondido’s local heritage and natural resources.

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