5 Reasons to Reface your Kitchen Cabinets

A well-loved kitchen provides the perfect place for family and friends to gather while delightful aromas fill the air. Its familiar spaces invite everyone to relax and enjoy conversation over a cup of coffee early or late. Over time, though, you start to notice that your cabinets have lost some of their luster. Restoring them to the look that you once loved may not cost as much as you think. These 5 Reasons to Reface your Kitchen Cabinets may help you decide.

1. Transform the Appearance of Your Kitchen.

You may find that some new veneer and exteriors on your cabinets can make your kitchen look like the photos that you see in magazines. We offer surface material in a range of styles that can brighten a room dramatically. Refaced cabinets can restore the beauty that you once had in one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. For all the joy that it provides, your kitchen deserves a refreshing upgrade.

2. Keep Your Perfectly Good Cabinets.

The surface of your cabinets may need an improved and updated appearance, but the frame still has many years of service to give. Just as you probably do not throw away anything that you can still use, the same philosophy applies to your cabinets. Unless they have structural damage, you can continue to use them. New doors, drawers, fronts, moldings, hardware and accessories in a surface of your choice can make them look new again.

3. Choose a Price That Fits Your Budget.

The cost to Reface your Kitchen Cabinets amounts to about two thirds to half the price to replace them with new custom cabinets.Our selection of materials offer the distinctive décor that you want, and we offer many choices that suit your style and preferences.

4. Protect the Planet.

Your choice to reface your kitchen cabinets benefits the planet in two ways. By using the existing cabinet boxes, you prevent the need for suppliers to cut trees to build new ones. You keep unnecessary waste out of the landfills and contribute to the eco-friendly behavior that benefits everyone.

5. Save Time and Avoid Disruption.

The replacement of kitchen cabinets requires a considerable investment of money, and you lose access to one of the areas that you use most. We need only a few days to reface your cabinets and get out of your way. With the improvements that transform your kitchen, you can invite guests to see the miracle you have accomplished. You can also keep your existing countertops that results in thousands of dollars in savings.

We can give you 5 Reasons to Reface your Kitchen Cabinets, but the best one may come from you. As you care for your family and live within the constraints of your budget, you deserve beautiful kitchen cabinets. You can improve the value of your home with an upgrade to your kitchen for a future sale. Until that day comes, you can share a place of beauty with your family and friends.

Kitchen Storage Ideas in San Deigo

7 Kitchen Storage Tips and Tricks

Use every part of your kitchen with these kitchen storage ideas, tips and tricks. From magnetic hooks to hidden cubbies, these tips will work in any kitchen.

1. Hang a Hidden Memo Board

Inside your kitchen cabinets doors, you might see a recessed area where the panel relief is located on the outside of the door. This is a perfect spot to hide a slim magnetic memo board where you can write grocery lists, family memos to each other, and more.

2. Store Measuring Spoons

Choose the inside of another kitchen cabinet door to serve as your measuring spoon storage. Instead of rummaging around in a kitchen junk drawer, your measuring spoons will be ready for use. Simply install a narrow strip of wood horizontally across the door, screw in small cups hooks at equidistant spots and you’re ready to get cooking!

3.Hang Pots and Pans

Instead of using valuable cabinet space to store all your pots and pans, invest in a ceiling mounted pot rack. Using the included S-hooks, you’ll be able to hang and easily see all your beautiful cookware.

4. Install a Pegboard

Pegboards offer abundant storage for things like spatulas, wooden spoons, funnels, and hand strainers. Install one of the side of your kitchen cabinets, and you’ll have all your kitchen cooking utensils within arm’s reach.

5. Use Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks come with a magnet on the back and a hook on the front. You can pop these onto ovens, refrigerators and your microwave oven to hang pot holders, car keys, and more.

6. Buy Magnetic Spice Jars

Magnetic spice jars allow you to keep all your spices easily visible and within reach right when you need them. Place magnetic spice jars on the side of your refrigerator or oven for handy accessibility.

7. Hang Shelves Near the Ceiling

If you have kitchen cabinets in San Diego that don’t quite reach the ceiling, you can use this space to store items you rarely use, such as turkey roasters and decorative cake stands. For extra esthetic appeal, hang shelves rather than setting the items directly on top of the kitchen cabinets.

These handy kitchen tips and tricks can all be accomplished in just one afternoon. You don’t need to be a construction engineer, either! Just a few materials and a common household toolbox can quickly get the job done!


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Inexpensive Remodeling Tips for Today’s Kitchens

When homeowners want to update their houses, they might be wise to start with the kitchen. It’s one room in a house that the entire family tends to spend a lot of time in. In addition, the kitchen tends to be the first room in a home that home buyers look at. Redecorating and modernizing a kitchen usually proves to be a good investment. That’s especially true with some fairly inexpensive and quick remodeling tips.

Frugal Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

These are some ideas to help update a kitchen without spending a lot of money or time:

  1. Refinish cabinets: Most homeowners will find that cabinet refinishing in San Diego is much less expensive than pulling out old cabinets to replace them with new ones. Unless the old cabinets are damaged, the right refinishing job can make them look entirely new.
  2. Cover old floors: If old floors have become so stained or damaged that they are impossible to clean, it might be time to consider covering them up. Many new laminates on the market can get installed right over the old flooring, so this can be a fairly inexpensive and rapid task.
  3. Refinish appliances: Older appliances may have come in colors and styles that make them look dates. It’s possible to order new faceplates for some of these appliances from third-party sources or the manufacturer. Some people don’t realize that their old appliances actually had reversible faceplates, so the owner might not have to actually even buy anything new for a color change.
  4. Add storage space: There are lots of ways to help a kitchen make better use of space. Some simple tips might include installing hooks on the back the doors or the sides of cabinets. Sometimes the top of the cabinets can be used as an extra shelves for kitchen items that don’t get used frequently.

Certainly, some homeowners might have the budget and desire to rip out all of the hold fixtures, appliances, and cabinets. However, this is usually a very expensive and inconvenient job. There are many ways to improve the look and functionality of this important room on a budget. It’s possible to make one or two improvements at a time this way. This can help people manage their budgets and reduce disruption to a household routine.


Transform Kitchen Cabinets with Day Projects

Transform Kitchen Cabinets with Day Projects

Many people want a new look for their kitchen, but tight budgets prevent them from remodeling. They want more space, new appliances, or up-to-date kitchen cabinets, yet it’s simply not in their budget. Fortunately, there are a few kitchen transformations that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and they can be done within a day’s time, including cabinet refinishing in San Diego.

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing changes the look of one’s cabinets completely. Homeowners keep their frame of their kitchen cabinet, but the overall look changes. It includes applying a veneer or laminate to the fronts and sides of the cabinets, which gives them a facelift. The process can take as little as a day, but the result can last for years. More importantly, homeowners don’t have to worry about spending thousands on new cabinets when they choose to refinish them instead.

Installing a Backsplash

Backsplashes are popular kitchen features. A great backsplash prevents cooking grime from staining the wall behind a person’s stove. They also add dimension to a person’s kitchen. Homeowners can choose from many different looks, including subway tiles or stainless steel. With the right look, a backsplash can serve as a protective barrier and a decorative element in one’s kitchen.

New Flooring

Kitchens are a high traffic area. Family members and guests are constantly in and out of the kitchen. As such, the flooring in one’s kitchen can get worn quickly. Scratches, tears, and stains on the flooring can all detract from the overall look of the space. Fortunately, replacing the kitchen flooring won’t break the budget, and it will improve the look of the space. Homeowners should consider new tiles, hardwood, or vinyl when they want to update their flooring in the kitchen.

Window Treatments

Another way homeowners can transform the look of their kitchen is by changing their window treatments. Window treatments are a cost-effective way to enhance the look of a kitchen. Homeowners can choose to change the pattern or add layers to their windows. Any change they make that complements their kitchen décor will have a resounding effect on the overall look of their kitchen.

Getting a new look in one’s kitchen doesn’t have to be an expensive project that takes weeks. Even with an eye on their budget, homeowners can transform the look of their kitchen with a day project.

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4 Important Considerations When Selecting New Cabinets

4 Important Considerations When Selecting New Cabinets

Replacing outdated kitchen cabinets in one’s San Diego home is a great way to update an existing kitchen while improving functionality and storage. However, with so many options to choose from, it can sometimes be overwhelming for homeowners to select the cabinet option that’s right for them. By keeping 4 important considerations when selecting new cabinets, it’s possible to make the right decision, throughout the shopping process.


These days, there are so many options when it comes to kitchen cabinet materials. Wood remains among the most popular due to its durability and the fact that it can be easily sanded and stained or painted for a new look down the road. Still, other options such as laminate cabinets are also quite popular, especially for those on a budget.

Style and Color

Installing trendy kitchen cabinets is a great way to not only modernize a space but increase a home’s potential resale value as well. Today, shaker-style cabinets are more popular than ever, and crisp white colors are also in high demand. The nice thing about these trends is that they withstand the test of time and likely won’t become outdated, unlike other style options.


Of course, one cannot overlook functionality when it comes to new kitchen cabinets. It’s important to make sure that there is plenty of storage space and that there are enough cabinets throughout the kitchen. For smaller spaces, there are plenty of ways to go about maximizing cabinet space, such as by installing “Lazy Susan” style cabinets, which rotate for added storage and accessibility. Extending cabinets vertically so they reach the ceiling in a kitchen is another great way to add functionality and storage.


Most homeowners have a specific budget in mind as they shop for new kitchen cabinets. When considering budget, it’s also important to find out what’s included with a quoted price. For example, is demolition and removal of the old cabinets included? What about installation? These things can add up quickly, so it’s important to obtain an all-inclusive quote before signing any contracts or other paperwork.

These are just a few of the most important factors to consider when shopping for new kitchen cabinetry. By taking the time to think about style, color, material, and budget, homeowners can ultimately make a cabinet decision that they’ll be happy with for many years to come.

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Special Considerations When Installing Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Special Considerations When Installing Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel kitchen cabinetry is a relatively new and modern trend. Though stainless steel is prominent in many commercial kitchens, it’s only recently been introduced into residential homes. Stainless steel has many benefits — but it also has a few notable drawbacks related to structure and cost. Keep these special considerations when installing stainless steel kitchen cabinets

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets give a sleek, modern look to a kitchen. They work well with many other materials and color schemes, and they have an extremely unique experience. Stainless steel is exceptionally durable and can be polished if it becomes scratched, scuffed, or otherwise loses its luster. Stainless steel is also very easy to keep clean and sanitized. Stainless steel frames can be used along with glass to make cabinets that are easy to look into and easy to use. 

The Potential Drawbacks of Stainless Steel Cabinets

  • They can be difficult to keep clean. Stainless steel easily reveals marks, dust, and dirt. Special products need to be used for cleaning and, in general, all surfaces will need to be wiped down on a regular basis.
  • They are heavy. Stainless steel cabinets are significantly heavier than similar cabinets in either wood or PVC. Because of this, stainless cabinets need to be anchored correctly if they are to remain in place.
  • They may look industrial. To some, stainless steel is always associated with a commercial kitchen. Stainless has a unique type of reflectivity and glare, which can be associated with a more industrial feel. 
  • They are expensive. Stainless steel is generally more expensive than other options, such as PVC and wood. However, stainless steel can also last much longer. Different styles of stainless steel cabinetry may also be less expensive; thin stainless steel will usually be fairly affordable. 

Properly Installing Stainless Steel Cabinetry

Stainless steel cabinetry and cabinet doors need to be planned for at the very beginning of the project, as they can add additional weight. When installing stainless steel, the functionality of the cabinets should be considered, in addition to the cost. Because stainless steel is still unusual, it may not be known whether or not the stainless cabinets will actually improve upon a home’s value. 

Kitchen cabinets in San Diego come in a wide variety of materials, each with their own pros and cons. A professional cabinet installer will have samples of each of these material types, for homeowners and home buyers interested in exploring their options.

Affordable Kitchen Improvements That Can Increase a Home’s Value

Affordable Kitchen Improvements That Can Increase a Home’s Value

Some homeowners may decide to start remodeling projects that make their houses attractive while they live in them. Of course, some folks like to keep the market value of their house in mind. In this case, they hope to spend money on improvements that will also help their house sell for more money later. Most realtors suggest improvements to the kitchen or bathrooms to really help sell a home faster. It might be somewhat surprising to learn that the first places that new home buyers usually look are at a home’s kitchen and its bathrooms. It might be helpful to consider some ways to update a kitchen without spending a lot of time and money.

Which Affordable Improvements Make a Difference?

Kitchen cabinets usually take up a lot of room inside a kitchen. That means they are very noticeable. On the other hand, replacing all of the cabinets in a kitchen can be very expensive. On the other hand, refacing cabinets in San Diego costs less and takes less time. To any observer, the kitchen cabinets will still look new. It won’t be obvious that they were only refaced, so this may be a prudent way to update a kitchen.

Most people also notice a kitchen’s floor right away. While a fantastic floor can help attract anybody to a kitchen, a worn or outdated floor can turn people off. These days, manufacturers make very good laminates to cover floors. These laminates are created to resemble other types of materials, like tile, stone, or even hardwood. However, they are much easier and cheaper to install than floors that are made out of natural materials. In addition, they are very easy to take care of and durable. In many cases, the laminate can even be applied right over the old floors.

Some homeowners may be dissatisfied with their old appliances. The appliances may work fine, but they may not match well or have outdated colors. Very often, the old and outdated faceplates can be replaced with new ones. There is no need to replace working appliances when all they need is a cosmetic facelift.

Homeowners on a budget need to find creative solutions. These solutions can transform a worn or drab kitchen into a welcoming center of life at home. They aren’t terribly expensive, and the projects can be done by a home handyman or contractor in a few hours.

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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets: What Homeowners Need to Know

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets: What Homeowners Need to Know

 These days, an updated and modern kitchen is on the wish list of many homeowners and prospective buyers alike. On the other hand, an outdated kitchen can really take a toll on a home’s resale value. For this reason, many homeowners explore the option of renovating their kitchens, only to find that a full kitchen renovation can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are ways to update a kitchen without tearing it apart completely; refacing kitchen cabinets is just one example of a way San Diego homeowners can update their kitchens at a fraction of the cost.

Great for Budget Renovations

Replacing existing kitchen cabinets can be a costly project, especially when taking into consideration the need for demolition and removal of old cabinets, as well as the installation of new ones (which can be time-consuming). With cabinet refacing, the existing “bare bones” of the cabinets remain, but the doors, pulls, hinges, and other accessories are updated to give a fresh look for significantly less money. This is a great option for those wanting to modernize their kitchens on a tight budget.

Cuts Down on Renovation Time

In addition to saving money, refacing kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them completely is a great way to cut down on the amount of time required for a kitchen renovation. Since refacing doesn’t require as much demolition and doesn’t involve installation of new cabinets, the project can be done in just a day or two. This is great for homeowners who plan on remaining in their homes throughout the renovation period.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Refacing kitchen cabinets is also an eco-friendly option, since it involves reusing existing materials to create a new and updated product. After all, why throw out the bare bones of a kitchen’s cabinets if there’s nothing structurally wrong with them? Refacing kitchen cabinets generates a lot less waste that ends up in landfills, and requires less new material.

Extremely Customizable

No matter what style of cabinet homeowners have in mind, it’s possible to achieve through refacing. From shaker-style cabinets to a more modern look, the possibilities are truly limitless!

For homeowners looking for a smart option for updating their existing kitchens, refacing kitchen cabinets is a great place to start. This is especially true for homeowners who want to make the most of their budgets.

Budgeting for New Kitchen Cabinets: Important Considerations

Budgeting for New Kitchen Cabinets: Important Considerations

Remodeling an entire kitchen can be quite the undertaking, but for homeowners looking to update the look of a kitchen without taking on a full remodel, replacing the existing cabinets can make a huge difference for just a fraction of the price. Still, when budgeting for new kitchen cabinets, there are some important considerations worth keeping in mind.

Custom or Standard?

The first decision homeowners should make is whether to purchase custom or standard kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets can be nice because they can be specifically designed and built to fit an existing kitchen space and maximize storage. On the other hand, custom cabinets can also be quite expensive, which is why many homeowners opt for standard kitchen cabinets instead.

Depth and Height

The size of the cabinets will also have an influence on their total cost. For example, standard cabinets typically feature several rows of shelving, but it is possible to opt for higher and deeper cabinets for additional storage. Today, 42″ and larger cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in “luxury” kitchens. Furthermore, many homeowners enjoy having cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling and have decorative trim for a nicer look.

Additional Features

There are all kinds of additional features to consider when shopping for kitchen cabinets as well. For example, some homeowners with limited kitchen space may want to consider a “lazy Susan” cabinet, which maximizes storage with rotating shelving. Pull-out shelving is another option worth considering for better organization and access to utensils. Soft-close cabinets doors and drawers are also a nice luxury to consider, depending on one’s specific budget.

What About Refacing?

Finally, for those who are looking to revamp the look of their cabinets but want to do so on a tighter budget, there is always the option of having the existing cabinets resurfaced rather than replacing them altogether. This involves essentially leaving the structure of the existing cabinets in place, but replacing the doors and drawer faces to give them an entirely new look. New hardware, such as hinges and pulls, may also be installed as part of a refacing project.

These are just a few of the considerations worth keeping in mind when replacing kitchen cabinets in a San Diego home and budgeting accordingly. No matter how large or small the budget, there are steps that can be taken to make it work.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego: Assessing the Possibility

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego: Assessing the Possibility

Replacing kitchen cabinets could account for about 50 percent of this room’s remodeling budget. Therefore, many homeowners are looking for alternative solutions. One renovation technique they often choose in San Diego is to reface kitchen cabinets when possible.

Usually, contractors assess an area to be remodeled before making changes to cabinets. For instance, this process typically is not carried out by remodelers unless the overall cabinet structure is still intact. If the area is water damaged or will not properly take to a refinishing job, full replacement is usually conducted. Once viability of refacing kitchen cabinets is determined, this maintenance project then begins.

Replacing parts that do not work is one common reason for repairing kitchen cabinets. However, homeowners sometimes use this project as an opportunity to update the appearance of this room. For instance, many people who lived throughout earlier decades (i.e. the 1970s or 1980s) have later replaced their countertops. They also added new decorative drawers, hardware, hinges and more. They also might have decided to restain their cabinets to a more neutral or classic colour. Otherwise, they perhaps decided to mix and match wood grains when replacing trims, adding glass doors or lighting, and more.

Refacing cabinets in San Diego might not require a permit. However, it usually depends on how much work is involved. With that in mind, cabinets are typically updated or repaired without affecting any electrical or plumbing systems. Regardless of the reason for deciding to remodel a kitchen, homeowners usually have a vast number of options open to them when choosing materials, textures, styles and colours.

Consumers seeking assistance with cabinet refacing in San Diego often prefer the natural wood look. However, they might treat it with a varnish or another type of clear coating to preserve the life of it. On the other hand, they might want to change a light wood shade to a darker one, or vice-versa. This often involves some stripping, sanding and painting to create the right effect.

On the other hand, the distressed look seems to be what is most suitable for some kitchens. Therefore, homeowners who want to reface old cabinets might see the benefit in working with damaged cabinets. As long as the scratches and nicks are not from water, those marks are often used to add “character” to their kitchen cupboards, drawers, and spaces.