Kitchen Storage Ideas in San Deigo

7 Kitchen Storage Tips and Tricks

Use every part of your kitchen with these kitchen storage ideas, tips and tricks. From magnetic hooks to hidden cubbies, these tips will work in any kitchen.

1. Hang a Hidden Memo Board

Inside your kitchen cabinets doors, you might see a recessed area where the panel relief is located on the outside of the door. This is a perfect spot to hide a slim magnetic memo board where you can write grocery lists, family memos to each other, and more.

2. Store Measuring Spoons

Choose the inside of another kitchen cabinet door to serve as your measuring spoon storage. Instead of rummaging around in a kitchen junk drawer, your measuring spoons will be ready for use. Simply install a narrow strip of wood horizontally across the door, screw in small cups hooks at equidistant spots and you’re ready to get cooking!

3.Hang Pots and Pans

Instead of using valuable cabinet space to store all your pots and pans, invest in a ceiling mounted pot rack. Using the included S-hooks, you’ll be able to hang and easily see all your beautiful cookware.

4. Install a Pegboard

Pegboards offer abundant storage for things like spatulas, wooden spoons, funnels, and hand strainers. Install one of the side of your kitchen cabinets, and you’ll have all your kitchen cooking utensils within arm’s reach.

5. Use Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks come with a magnet on the back and a hook on the front. You can pop these onto ovens, refrigerators and your microwave oven to hang pot holders, car keys, and more.

6. Buy Magnetic Spice Jars

Magnetic spice jars allow you to keep all your spices easily visible and within reach right when you need them. Place magnetic spice jars on the side of your refrigerator or oven for handy accessibility.

7. Hang Shelves Near the Ceiling

If you have kitchen cabinets in San Diego that don’t quite reach the ceiling, you can use this space to store items you rarely use, such as turkey roasters and decorative cake stands. For extra esthetic appeal, hang shelves rather than setting the items directly on top of the kitchen cabinets.

These handy kitchen tips and tricks can all be accomplished in just one afternoon. You don’t need to be a construction engineer, either! Just a few materials and a common household toolbox can quickly get the job done!


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