If your kitchen cabinets look worn or outdated, Encinitas cabinet refacing may be the right solution for you. As long as the frames and shelves are in decent condition, refacing is usually possible. These are the top benefits of refacing instead of replacing your cabinets. See an actual kitchen here: Encinitas Refacing Gallery.

Lower Cost

In comparison with replacing your entire set of cabinets, you may save up to 50 percent by refacing them instead. Having a more flexible budget opens up more choices for you.

Quicker Process

One of the reasons why refacing is cheaper is because it takes less labor. Depending on the volume of cabinets, their condition and other relevant factors, the process usually takes between one to three days. If you were to replace the cabinets, the demolition and installation processes would likely take at least two to three days or possibly longer. Custom cabinets typically take longer to install than stock cabinets. 

Smaller Environmental Impact

Cabinet refacing cuts down on landfill waste. If you were to tear out your existing cabinets, the professionals would discard the materials. Some types of cabinet frames include components that are hard to break down. For example, there may be metal and plastic. If your cabinets are in good condition, there is no need to tear them out completely. Refacing is simply giving them a new look.

More Aesthetic Options

If you want a different look for your cabinets but would have a limited budget with replacement, choosing refacing gives you the freedom to pick from more designs and finishes. For example, you may like a cherry wood finish but may not be able to afford it for a replacement project. With refinishing, you will likely be able to afford it and may even have money left over for under-cabinet lighting, new hardware, glass or other additions.

The Refacing Process

If you are ready for new Encinitas kitchen cabinets, our professionals can help. During the process, workers complete these major steps:

  • Measuring cabinets and drawers.
  • Removing doors, drawers and hardware.
  • Applying veneers on door and drawer faces.
  • Installing doors and drawers.
  • Installing new hardware.

Encinitas Activities During Cabinet Refacing

Since we respect all customers and their homes, our professionals carefully clean up after every Encinitas cabinet refacing project. They minimize the impact of their presence on your privacy. However, the process may be noisy, and we understand that many people are more comfortable leaving while the professionals work. To enjoy a day of family fun, you can:

  • Soak up some sun at Swami’s Beach.
  • Visit the Lux Art Institute.